jnMechanics Co., Ltd., established in Bangkok, Thailand, is an internationally recognized leader in the design and production of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - also referred as drones). It’s founder and CEO, Mr. Jani Hirvinen, is well known within the international UAV communities as a pioneer in the development and continuous refinement on the various software and hardware systems that make multi-functional UAVs as invaluable tool in broad range of uses both by the private sector and by governmental / military / law enforcement parties.

Our well known brand names:

  1. -jDrones

    International consumer brand. Customers in over

    85 countries around the world.

  1. -jD-UAS

    Custom made Aerial, Sea, Ground robotic vehicles

    for Law enforcement, Fire department.

    Corporate and Governmental use.

  1. -jD-Tactical

    Military oriented products. Ground station units,

    Mobile ground stations, medium - large scale UAV

    systems, EOD Robots and their controllers.   


jnMechanics , innovations and thinking out of the box is our driving force.

- Jani Hirvinen, CEO

What we do...